Thursday, July 22, 2004

How to Change Font Color and Size in Crystal Report on Run time

Public Sub setReportStyle(ByVal objReport As Object)
Dim intObjectCount As Integer
intObjectCount = 0
'Checking whether report object is nothing or not
If Not Nothing Is objReport Then
'get all report sections into ReportSections variable
ReportSections = objReport.ReportDefinition.Sections
End If
If Not Nothing Is ReportSections Then
'Iterate through all sections
For Each Reportsection In ReportSections
'Iterate throw all fields in each section
For intObjectCount = 0 To Reportsection.ReportObjects.Count - 1
' for field type objects
If Reportsection.ReportObjects.Item(intObjectCount).Kind =
ReportObjectKind.FieldObject Then
fldObject = Reportsection.ReportObjects.Item(intObjectCount)
Dim strName As String
If Not Nothing Is fldObject Then
strName = fldObject.Name.ToLower
fldObject.ApplyFont(New Font("Arial", 12, FontStyle.Underline))
fldObject.Color = Color.Maroon
End if
End if
Catch ex as Exception
End Try
End sub

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