Monday, May 07, 2007

"Server Application Unavailable" in ASP.NET

Error: "Server Application Unavailable" ASP.NET

Solution: Do the following steps to resolve this error

1) Go to Visual Studio Command prompt
//Stop IIS
2)> iisreset /stop
//Stop the ASP.NET state service if it is running.
3)> net stop aspnet_state
//Delete the ASPNET account.
4)> net user ASPNET /delete
//Create a new ASPNET account with a temporary password.
5)> net user ASPNET 1pass@word /add
//Type 1pass@word when you are prompted for the temporary password."
6)runas /profile /user:ASPNET cmd.exe
//Reregister ASP.NET and the ASPNET account.
// Before this steps start "server" service from Services
7) aspnet_regiis -i
//Restart IIS.
8) iisreset /start

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