Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How to create DLL for .NET 2.0 Web Application

How to create DLL for .NET 2.0 Web Application

If you have layers structure in .NET solution and when you build the solution, visual studio creates DLLs for business layer and data access layer, but visual studio not creates DLL for presentation or UI layer.

You will face issue to run Microsoft FxCop tool for Presentation layer. To run FxCop tool you needs dll or exe. You can create dll for presentation layer using VS 2005, follow the steps below

1) Create a new folder on C drive, like: C:\Temp\ProjectDeploy

2) Open the project in the Visual studion 2005

3) Go to the project right click and choose “Publish Web site” option

4) Give “C:\Temp\ProjectDeploy” in the Target Location and click “OK”

5) You will see your presentation layer dlls inside the ProjectDeploy\bin folder

Note: Fxcop Tool can be integrate with visual studio 2005 see more details here


john said...

hello all,
I am trying to build a web application using this barcode.dll . But i am not able to figure out how to use this dll in my web application. Basically i dont know whethere i can use this for building web applications or not. If 'No' is there any alternative ? and if 'Yes' how to use it.?.. Any help will be appreciated.

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