Thursday, December 27, 2012

Try Operating System other than Windows

Try Operating System other than Windows

My window 7 OS got crash and finding difficulity to boot my laptop, I did not find any window OS for free than I found there are so many Unix based OS available for free. I tried Fidora, it's really good It's solve all my purpose, I am able to boot my laptop and it is working. I can browser internet, search my files , backup etc. almost all the thing I can do that is require at home.  

There are so many free OS available, but I like Fidora, latest version is 18. Download ISO file and use USB creator softwware to craete bootable CD or USB and then start installation

Install Fidora 17:

Download Lili USB Creator from ISO file

Fidora documentation available:

See the list of other OS available:

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