Thursday, April 20, 2017

.NET Core Error: /Core and /WepApp.deps.json could not be found

When I tried to run my first .NET Core web application, I found wired issues and it took me longer time to figure out, what is actual issues was, error message was not helping at all to find out the solution

.NET Core Error: <<Project Dir Path>>/Core and <<Project Dir Path>>/WepApp.deps.json could not be found

To find out the solution, I started couple of times from scratch and finally I tried with different directory and file name to save my .NET Core project.

Previous Project Path was:  C:\Ritesh\NET Core\Core WebAPP

Later Project Path (works): C:\Ritesh\NETCore\CoreWebApp  (NO SPACE in dir name and file name)

It's works for me, I don't know this is the really solution or Microsoft need to release some patch to fix this.

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