Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Convert String to Date and check Date Validation on Server side in C#.Net.

Convert String to Date and check Date Validation on Server side in C#.Net.

There are lots of functions available in client side for date validation.
Sometime server side date validation function require
It’s very simple but require much time to right. (C#.Net)

SupportedDateFormats : It is a customise function where you can refer the date format whatever you want.

ConvertStringToDate : This will return True or Flase based on date format supported. And give converted Date from String.

public static bool ConvertStringToDate(string dateString, ref DateTime resultDate)
resultDate = DateTime.ParseExact(
return true;
return false;

//This is custom defined format function you can add more date format as per your requirement
like "dd/MM/YYYY", etc in the allFormats array
private static string[] SupportedDateFormats()
string[] allFormats = new string[] {
return allFormats;

// Now you can use this function in your code like this
private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
DateTime dtTemp;
dtTemp =DateTime.Today.Date;
lblIsvalidDate.Text =
ref dtTemp
lblCovertedDate = dtTemp.ToString();

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