Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Strong type Vs Weak type and Debug build Vs Release build

Strong type Vs Weak type and Debug build Vs Release build
Simple way to remember different between these type and build
Strong type: Checking the types of variables at compile time
Weak type: Checking the types of variables at run time.
Strong type is checking the types of variables as soon as possible, usually at compile time. While weak typing is delaying checking the types of the system as late as possible, usually to run-time. Which is preferred depends on what you want. For scripts & quick stuff you’ll usually want weak typing, because you want to write as much less code as possible. In big programs, strong typing can reduce errors at compile time.
Debug build: Code can debugged, containing debug symbol (.pdb file)
Release build: Code can not debugged, it contain debug symbol
Debug build contain debug symbols and can be debugged while release build doesn’t contain debug symbols, doesn’t have [Conational (”DEBUG”)] methods calls compiled, can’t be debugged, less checking, etc. There should be a speed difference, because of disabling debug methods, reducing code size etc but that is not a guarantee (at least not a significant one)

Ritesh Kesharwani


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Mahesh K. Sharma said...

i got clear idea for strong type and weak type within 10 mins. it too good to read your article as compare to read long document

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