Thursday, March 10, 2011

No DLLs copied after build succeeded (TFS 2010 MSBuild with Visual Studio 2010)

No DLLs copied after build succeeded (TFS 2010 MSBuild with Visual Studio 2010)
This is true when you do not have correct combination of Platform and Configuration selected on the Configurations to Builds section.
I was trying to create automated build using TFS 2010 MSBuild process; I had setup all the required settings like Workspace, Build Template, and Items to build etc.
After building process, it is generating "logs" folder inside my target folder and files. When I looked into log file its saying "Build Succeeded.", but when I see the DLLs on the target folder No DLLs found L Only Logs files exists.
And Log file saying the configuration to build is not correct then I change the combination of Configuration and Platform to "Release" and "AnyCPU" (Remember it's not "Any CPU", NO SPACE)
and start the build, Now I am getting all the DLLs into target folder.

Regarding "Any CPU" space following article will talk about more

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