Thursday, December 18, 2014

.NET New Feature, SOLID Principal and WCF Security

.NET Framework 4.5 new Features
  • Async and await (code markers)
  • Zip facility (Zip compression)
  • Regex timeout (TimeOut)
  • Profile optimization (Improved startup performance)
  • Garbage collector (GC background cleanup)

SOLID Architecture Principal
  • “S” - SRP (Single responsibility principle)
  • “O” - Open closed principle
  • “L”- LSP (Liskov substitution principle)
  • “I” - ISP (Interface Segregation principle)
  • “D” - Dependency inversion principle.

WCF Security
  • WCF Security Transport vs Message using BasicHttpBinding and wcHttpBinding
  • Difference between Transport and Message Security
  • Difference between BasicHttpBinding and wcHttpBinding Binding
  • How to create certificates
  • Example C# code to implement Transport based security and Message based Security
  • Eenable Windows authentication on WCF using ‘BasicHttpBinding’

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