Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Visual Studio 2015 Improvements for .NET, works with new .NET framework 4.6

Below are some new features of Visual Studio 2015
  • PerfTips
              PerfTips allow you to quickly and easily see performance bottlenecks as you are debugging your application.
  • Intuitive Breakpoint Settings
            The new and intuitive breakpoint settings make it a lot easier to change the behavior of breakpoints.
  • Setting breakpoints on auto-implemented properties
              Debug support for auto-implemented properties
  • Lambdas in the debugger windows
              Lambdas are now supported in debugger windows
  • Core IDE and Editing Improvements
              New enhanced core IDE and editing experiences for C# and Visual Basic

.NET 2015 also trying to remove some known differences of VB and C#.NET and bring the two languages closer. It is really good initiative to remove differences between languages, specially between VB and C#.Net

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